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Hi, my name is Muyiwa and I'm a Houston based wedding photographer, and I travel often to photograph beautiful weddings and portraits in Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and other cities. I love to shoot weddings, but I'm just as happy to shoot events, portraits, engagement sessions and sometimes even commercial & product photography. I love what I do, and here's where I write about it.

I got to shoot Chinenye at a beautiful private residence in Houston with the most magnificent decor and grounds. It had to be an impressive location to match up to the incredible dress. We had an excellent session, and I can’t wait to shoot the wedding in a couple of weeks.

I haven’t shot a lot of bridal sessions lately, and I had actually been thinking that was a good thing, preferring to focus on engagement sessions with fun couples. However, this session with Kim in Dallas was so much fun, I think we’re bringing bridal sessions back! Kim doesn’t half-step – we had the biggest entourage I’ve ever been at a shoot with – her best friend Christy, hair, coordinator, me, bride, makeup and a manicurist! One of mine (and Kim’s) favorite images was shot on a hill on the side of the road that I spotted on my way to our first location. She was such a trooper for climbing up the side of a hill in her dress! I think it was totally worth it though.

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