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Hi, my name is Muyiwa and I'm a Houston based wedding photographer, and I travel often to photograph beautiful weddings and portraits in Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and other cities. I love to shoot weddings, but I'm just as happy to shoot events, portraits, engagement sessions and sometimes even commercial & product photography. I love what I do, and here's where I write about it.

This is probably the most random post I’ve ever had on here, but I just had to share. A couple of weekends ago, there was a baby shower at my house – it was really cool, and quite different from other showers I’ve been to / seen. It was like non-alcoholic cocktail hour with a pregnant lady. The super cool thing was the onesie decorating station – everyone got to make a custom onesie for the baby, and there were all sorts of special markers, paint, iron-on appliqués and stuff that made all the onesies so very cool. These baby shower onesies will be amazing keepsakes for the baby later on. Maybe I should start a new section for baby shower ideas…

Networking is about being connected to the right people, and timing is important too. Luckily I know Nosa Oyegun of Elegant Nuptials, who knows The Wedding Guys who know Randy Fenoli of Randy To The Rescue & TLC, and I got to shoot the behind the scenes of his new show. This happened last  year, but I haven’t been allowed to talk about it, let alone blog about it until after the show aired.

I had never heard of Randy until I met him on set the morning of the shoot (like a 7am call time), and at first I felt bad about that – I think that was good though because I didn’t walk in with any preconceived notions about him. Being behind the scenes, I got to spend time with him and the rest of the crew and Randy was the exact same incredibly warm and genuine person backstage as he is on TV. It’s the little things. I’ll never forget a moment where he was in the middle of a conversation and his handlers came to rush him along to his next to-do and he insisted on completing the conversation before he moved on. Class act.

The show was lots of fun to shoot – I was asked to do it my way, which I always appreciate. It was so much fun to be around all these excited real brides who were really there to hopefully find their wedding dress. They were accompanied by friends, family and loved ones and it was truly a great day. I got to meet other wedding vendors there, including Emily of Emily Clair – who makes some very unique bouquets. I just watched the show – I missed it when it aired so I bought it on iTunes  – it was pretty cool to see all the people I had photographed and met on the show. Anyway, on to the pictures.
Randy To The Rescue (1) Randy To The Rescue (2) Randy To The Rescue (3) Randy To The Rescue (4) Randy To The Rescue (5) Randy To The Rescue (6) Randy To The Rescue (7) Randy To The Rescue (8) Randy To The Rescue (9) Randy To The Rescue (10) Randy To The Rescue (11) Randy To The Rescue (12) Randy To The Rescue (13) Randy To The Rescue (14) Randy To The Rescue (15) Randy To The Rescue (16) Randy To The Rescue (17) Randy To The Rescue (18)
Also, here’s a link to the proofing system where you can see all the pictures from that day. You didn’t think they’d all b eon my blog did you? Also be sure to click the little categories button at the bottom of that page when you get there.

So, for the third year in a row, I got to photograph the Shabach Concert by the incredible House On The Word choir. It was a couple of months ago, but I was waiting for the new site to be ready to take advantage of the wider images in the blog posts. I think both the choir and myself got better this year. It went so so well!
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Yes! It’s that time of year again! I get to shoot the glorious Shabach concert – I’ve shot (and blogged about) this life changing, intimate, refreshing, worship experience presented by House On The Word, a worshipping church family located in West Houston, Texas.  Come on out for a night of extravagant worship with music, family and friends.  Admission is free, so bring everyone you know – see you there! Oh, and here’s a link.

Last weekend, I got to shoot a fabulous 40th birthday party, coordinated by Nike of Your Precious Events. We had shot some great family pictures a few weeks before (I’ll blog those later) out in Galveston. It was a great celebration – the venue (Safari Texas) was gorgeous – there were so many great details – pro lighting, a photo booth, a saxophonist – the whole thing went really well. Oh, and at the end, Deola’s husband had an incredible surprise for her. See if you can guess what it was…

I love working with couples whose wedding I shot way after their wedding – it kind of affirms to me that I did a great job at their wedding 🙂 O & C got married back in 2008 and then had twins! I got asked to shoot their kids dedication – they’ve got to be the most even tempered kids I’ve shot, even in the face of a really big party in their honor. I was really happy to be there. Maybe I’ll shoot their weddings?
EkechiDedication0001.jpg EkechiDedication0002.jpg EkechiDedication0003.jpg EkechiDedication0004.jpg EkechiDedication0006.jpg EkechiDedication0007.jpg EkechiDedication0009.jpg EkechiDedication0011.jpg EkechiDedication0012.jpg EkechiDedication0014.jpg EkechiDedication0016.jpg EkechiDedication0017.jpg EkechiDedication0018.jpg EkechiDedication0019.jpg EkechiDedication0020.jpg EkechiDedication0021.jpg EkechiDedication0022.jpg EkechiDedication0024.jpg EkechiDedication0025.jpg EkechiDedication0026.jpg EkechiDedication0027.jpg

So, here’s what’s happened – I shot IB’s maternity portraits about a week ago, and I can’t bring myself to post those before I post their weddings (traditional and church weddings). So I’m doing a triple right now. Serves me right I guess. Looking at the pictures, I remember just how much fun it was and how emotional things got towards the end. And of course it wouldn’t be Mike & IB without some truly preposterous pictures at the end there. I wish they had a vow renewal or a baby every year – I love shooting them. One of the cutest bits of the traditional marriage is where the groom gets tricked with a fake bride. who is brought to him by his bride’s family during the ceremony, covered up of course, and he has to figure out that it’s not her and ask for his real bride. And there’s lots of bribes (usually expensive alcohol) that go back and forth and the families have little mini meetings while they pretend to decide if they’re going to let their lovely flower marry Mike. It’s lovely.
InyeneTrad0001.jpg InyeneTrad0003.jpg InyeneTrad0004.jpg InyeneTrad0005.jpg InyeneTrad0006.jpg InyeneTrad0007.jpg InyeneTrad0008.jpg InyeneTrad0009.jpg InyeneTrad0010.jpg InyeneTrad0011.jpg InyeneTrad0012.jpg InyeneTrad0013.jpg InyeneTrad0014.jpg InyeneTrad0016.jpg InyeneTrad0017.jpg InyeneTrad0018.jpg InyeneTrad0019.jpg InyeneTrad0020.jpg InyeneTrad0021.jpg InyeneTrad0022.jpg InyeneTrad0023.jpg InyeneTrad0024.jpg InyeneTrad0026.jpg InyeneTrad0028.jpgInyeneTrad0030.jpg InyeneTrad0031.jpg InyeneTrad0032.jpgInyeneTrad0029.jpg

I got to shoot this concert at the Stafford Center last year as well, and it was great for me to see the growth in my style and technique. Also it was really cool to work with this wonderful group again. I was welcomed more warmly than almost any other shoot I’ve worked this year. It was as usual, an awesome celebration and the choir, like me, was even better this year. The concert was very well attended and so organized and on time. I hope I get to shoot this every year. It has become the high point of my year. You should come too.

ShabachII0001.jpg ShabachII0002.jpg ShabachII0003.jpg ShabachII0004.jpg ShabachII0005.jpg ShabachII0006.jpg ShabachII0008.jpg ShabachII0009.jpg ShabachII0010.jpg ShabachII0011.jpg ShabachII0012.jpg ShabachII0014.jpg ShabachII0016.jpg ShabachII0017.jpg ShabachII0018.jpg ShabachII0019.jpg ShabachII0022.jpg ShabachII0023.jpg ShabachII0024.jpg ShabachII0025.jpg ShabachII0026.jpg ShabachII0028.jpgShabachII0030.jpg ShabachII0029.jpg

I first met Edet Okon of Satin Slices at Funmi & Segun’s wedding a couple of years ago – he made their amazing cake. Since then I’ve bumped into him at a couple of other events, like the ModChic Couture Soiree I blogged a few weeks ago. I was super excited when he invited me to his open house, AND it was at the Water 2 Wine winery! Win-win – free cake and a wine tasting – I took a camera with me, and luckily I took the pictures before I started drinking. Kidding, but it was great fun, and the cakes were gorgeous.
Satin Slices @ Water 2 WineSatin Slices @ Water 2 WineSatin Slices @ Water 2 WineSatin Slices @ Water 2 WineSatin Slices @ Water 2 WineSatin Slices @ Water 2 WineSatin Slices @ Water 2 WineSatin Slices @ Water 2 Wine