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Hi, my name is Muyiwa and I'm a Houston based wedding photographer, and I travel often to photograph beautiful weddings and portraits in Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and other cities. I love to shoot weddings, but I'm just as happy to shoot events, portraits, engagement sessions and sometimes even commercial & product photography. I love what I do, and here's where I write about it.

During the holidays, many families get together and eventually the conversation turns to “We haven’t had family portraits taken in a while”, and that’s when things get busy. I’d been trying to do a session with Omonele and Chima for a couple of YEARS, and they’ve actually popped out an extra kid since we started talking about doing pictures. Good thing we waited, because now she’s the cutest one in the family 🙂
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So, we’re finally at the third of our trifecta of IB & Mike pictures. We’d been trying to set up this session for a while – I’m still getting caught up from my crazy busy summer, and they’ve been busy with, well – whatever pregnant people are busy with :-). We finally found a time that worked for everyone – and just in time, too since the baby is due SOON. As usual, these nutjobs acted out and I was just there to photograph it. And as usual, it was awesome.InyeneBelly0001.jpg InyeneBelly0002.jpg InyeneBelly0003.jpg InyeneBelly0004.jpg InyeneBelly0006.jpg InyeneBelly0008.jpg InyeneBelly0009.jpg InyeneBelly0010.jpg InyeneBelly0012.jpg InyeneBelly0013.jpg InyeneBelly0014.jpg InyeneBelly0015.jpg InyeneBelly0016.jpg InyeneBelly0017.jpg

It’s definitely baby season! A couple of days after I shot Yinka & Sola’s baby in Dallas, TJ called me on Monday morning to tell me Adanne was in labor. I had offered to take pictures earlier and he said I should come on! I got there and Anissa Lacy was about 15 minutes old – aside from my daughter, she is by far the youngest baby I’ve ever photographed. She was posing already, as you can see.
ALacey0002.jpg ALacey0003.jpg ALacey0004.jpg ALacey0006.jpgALacey0007.jpg ALacey0005.jpg

I turned around right before I left and I saw this scene: Mom trying to nap, having just finished making a person, and dad marveling at his new lady, and grandma texting all her friends the news proudly. Cute.

What a workout! I got to run up to the Woodlands and shoot this super cute toddler Isabel and her older sister Taylor. It’s been quite a while since I’ve broken a sweat while working – and not because it was hot. Wriggly little Isabel basically turned the shoot into a game of duck the photographer. Every time she saw me she would run the other way, hence the multiple shots of her from behind. It was a really fun shoot though, and I think we got some great stuff. Check it out!

IsabelTaylor0002.jpg IsabelTaylor0003.jpg IsabelTaylor0005.jpg IsabelTaylor_0001.jpg IsabelTaylor0007.jpg IsabelTaylor0008.jpg IsabelTaylor0010.jpg IsabelTaylor0011.jpg IsabelTaylor0012.jpg IsabelTaylor0013.jpg