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Hi, my name is Muyiwa and I'm a Houston based wedding photographer, and I travel often to photograph beautiful weddings and portraits in Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and other cities. I love to shoot weddings, but I'm just as happy to shoot events, portraits, engagement sessions and sometimes even commercial & product photography. I love what I do, and here's where I write about it.

So… this is NOT an engagement session. It’s a we’ve-been-married-for-years-and-have-kids-and-we’re-still-awesome session. You might remember Omonele and Chima from their family session a little over a year ago. Well, this time they decided to ditch their beautiful kids and come out to keep it sexy. And they did just that.OmoneleChima0001 OmoneleChima0002 OmoneleChima0003 OmoneleChima0004 OmoneleChima0005 OmoneleChima0007 OmoneleChima0008 OmoneleChima0009 OmoneleChima0010 OmoneleChima0011 OmoneleChima0012