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Hi, my name is Muyiwa and I'm a Houston based wedding photographer, and I travel often to photograph beautiful weddings and portraits in Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and other cities. I love to shoot weddings, but I'm just as happy to shoot events, portraits, engagement sessions and sometimes even commercial & product photography. I love what I do, and here's where I write about it.

2015 was an amazing year. I didn’t realize how much shooting I did until I had the idea to show one image from each project I worked on all year,and then I realized that it worked out to over 100 commissions!

I got to shoot so many different things – of course weddings, engagement sessions, bridal sessions, an adoption (not pictured), kids birthday parties, births, family portrait sessions, headshots, graduations, a zombie halloween party, baptisms, Nigerian traditional wedding ceremonies, oh did you see the bridal session with the horse? (thank you Larissa!) a birthday party on a boat, product photography, a fashion show, concerts, the museum after closing hours and I even made time for a personal project. It’s been a blast! I love what I do because it makes a difference to the families I work with and it’s always something different, always something awesome.

Thank you so much to all the other professionals, coordinators and venues who helped make this happen, and a HUGE thank you to all the clients who chose me out of everyone else to work with. I appreciate it. Here’s to an even better 2016!



I haven’t had time to shoot anything that wasn’t for a client in a looong time. That hasn’t really changed – I actually found a quick second during a shoot, while the client was changing to walk around and shoot this. I really love it, and I hope I can make time to shoot more personal work. Like the old days.Nature Photography

This is probably the most random post I’ve ever had on here, but I just had to share. A couple of weekends ago, there was a baby shower at my house – it was really cool, and quite different from other showers I’ve been to / seen. It was like non-alcoholic cocktail hour with a pregnant lady. The super cool thing was the onesie decorating station – everyone got to make a custom onesie for the baby, and there were all sorts of special markers, paint, iron-on appliqués and stuff that made all the onesies so very cool. These baby shower onesies will be amazing keepsakes for the baby later on. Maybe I should start a new section for baby shower ideas…

Kenny is always surprising Nkechi, so one day when we were discussing an order, she reminded me their anniversary was coming up and we came up with a plan to surprise Kenny at their anniversary dinner out in Dallas. I snuck in and was able to shoot a couple of images from the restaurant kitchen without him seeing me, while he checked out the surprise Nkechi and I cooked up for him. Fun! Also, I made a great sample album from their wedding – click here to see it.
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So, for the third year in a row, I got to photograph the Shabach Concert by the incredible House On The Word choir. It was a couple of months ago, but I was waiting for the new site to be ready to take advantage of the wider images in the blog posts. I think both the choir and myself got better this year. It went so so well!
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I’ve been talking about making some changes to my web site for a really, really long time. It’s finally here, and I hope you like it. If you do, it was all my idea, and I’m very awesome. Enjoy the site, and you can stop reading here.

Now, if you don’t like it, here are the people responsible:

Adam Woloszyn from Webmovement LLC

Cristian Rodriguez from Graphostudio

Deji Osinulu from Data Ensemble

Stacey Berry

Stephen D Jaeb

But seriously, I wouldn’t ever have gotten this done without their help and patience. Thanks guys!


The first time I saw a letterpressed card, I knew my next set had to be special. To be honest, they’re pretty expensive, and I cheaped out by trying to have them done inexpensively. That’s a bit of a major confession, considering that I spend a lot of my time convincing brides that investing in their photography is essential, and they’ll get what they pay for if they skimp on this important aspect of their wedding. Well, it turns out I was right – I tried 2 different places who were offering cheap letterpress work, and I got what I paid for. I was then introduced to John and Jennifer of Workhorse Printmakers, and I was certain that they could do exactly what I wanted.

They even invited me over to their press and I got to take a few pictures of the process. The cards aren’t cheap, but watching the process, I completely understood why. There’s the mixing of the ink, cutting the paper, then setting up the press – and in my case, there were 3 separate dies involved, and 3 separate manual, hand-feeds, and 3 drying times. It’s an incredible amount of work, and I was amazed at the level of attention to detail John and Jennifer paid to my little project. I’m completely delighted with the final product – I think it’s a great way to show a prospect from the first time we meet how important quality work is to me.

I’m having new business cards made, and they’re going to be ready soon! I’m so excited! I’ve been wanting letterpressed cards for ages, and for all sorts of reasons, it didn’t happen until now. In the meantime, here’s a look at all the cards I’ve handed out over the years, in chronological order. It’s funny how I’ve evolved towards a more and more simple design. It’s been really interesting tweaking my cards over time. Once, a bride called me and set up an appointment – when she came in, she was clutching a really old version of my card, and she told me that she’d kept my card for years, and she’s always known she wanted me to photograph her wedding. I was completely blown away – I hadn’t even seen that version of my card in at least 3 years.

I was in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago, and managed to take some time out to do some street photography and test out the new Canon 1D Mark IV. It’s pretty remarkable, and I had quite a bit of fun running around Chartres taking pictures and snacking on oysters. In the daytime, I caught a great street show that had the whole street transfixed, and at night the storefronts looked great! Here’s where I saw my first Lush store – I was a little too excited – I’ve been ordering Lush stufff from London for years, so finding out there are now stores in the States was a bit too much for me. There is so much New Orleans Saints pride out there, on Sunday I was the only one who wasn’t wearing black and gold, and people were looking at me like a traitor! I’m definitely going back as soon as I can. Dressed in black and gold. NoLa0001.jpg NoLa0002.jpg NoLa0003.jpg NoLa0004.jpg NoLa0005.jpg NoLa0006.jpg NoLa0007.jpg NoLa0010.jpg NoLa0011.jpg NoLa0012.jpg NoLa0013.jpg NoLa0014.jpg NoLa0015.jpg NoLa0016.jpg