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Hi, my name is Muyiwa and I'm a Houston based wedding photographer, and I travel often to photograph beautiful weddings and portraits in Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and other cities. I love to shoot weddings, but I'm just as happy to shoot events, portraits, engagement sessions and sometimes even commercial & product photography. I love what I do, and here's where I write about it.

2015 was an amazing year. I didn’t realize how much shooting I did until I had the idea to show one image from each project I worked on all year,and then I realized that it worked out to over 100 commissions!

I got to shoot so many different things – of course weddings, engagement sessions, bridal sessions, an adoption (not pictured), kids birthday parties, births, family portrait sessions, headshots, graduations, a zombie halloween party, baptisms, Nigerian traditional wedding ceremonies, oh did you see the bridal session with the horse? (thank you Larissa!) a birthday party on a boat, product photography, a fashion show, concerts, the museum after closing hours and I even made time for a personal project. It’s been a blast! I love what I do because it makes a difference to the families I work with and it’s always something different, always something awesome.

Thank you so much to all the other professionals, coordinators and venues who helped make this happen, and a HUGE thank you to all the clients who chose me out of everyone else to work with. I appreciate it. Here’s to an even better 2016!

During the holidays, many families get together and eventually the conversation turns to “We haven’t had family portraits taken in a while”, and that’s when things get busy. I’d been trying to do a session with Omonele and Chima for a couple of YEARS, and they’ve actually popped out an extra kid since we started talking about doing pictures. Good thing we waited, because now she’s the cutest one in the family 🙂
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So, for the third year in a row, I got to photograph the Shabach Concert by the incredible House On The Word choir. It was a couple of months ago, but I was waiting for the new site to be ready to take advantage of the wider images in the blog posts. I think both the choir and myself got better this year. It went so so well!
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It’s been pretty busy around here, so no time to blog. Maybe this time I’ll get on some sort of regular blogging schedule. Doing a double post today – Obi & Ada had a two day session, so we could get both day and night shoots in. The night session ended at around 11:30pm! We had so much fun, none of us realized just how late we were shooting until we got back to our cars. As usual, I got lucky and got to photograph a fun, laid back couple.

I was in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago, and managed to take some time out to do some street photography and test out the new Canon 1D Mark IV. It’s pretty remarkable, and I had quite a bit of fun running around Chartres taking pictures and snacking on oysters. In the daytime, I caught a great street show that had the whole street transfixed, and at night the storefronts looked great! Here’s where I saw my first Lush store – I was a little too excited – I’ve been ordering Lush stufff from London for years, so finding out there are now stores in the States was a bit too much for me. There is so much New Orleans Saints pride out there, on Sunday I was the only one who wasn’t wearing black and gold, and people were looking at me like a traitor! I’m definitely going back as soon as I can. Dressed in black and gold. NoLa0001.jpg NoLa0002.jpg NoLa0003.jpg NoLa0004.jpg NoLa0005.jpg NoLa0006.jpg NoLa0007.jpg NoLa0010.jpg NoLa0011.jpg NoLa0012.jpg NoLa0013.jpg NoLa0014.jpg NoLa0015.jpg NoLa0016.jpg

I had shot quite a few weddings before I started blogging, and I had always said one day I would grab some older weddings to show on here as well. Danie & Ken got married in the back yard of Ken’s parent’s house almost 3 years ago. It was the same as all my other weddings – a day spent with two people in love, and the people that love them. I had just as much fun as I would have at any other wedding, maybe even more – and it was a really special day.DanieKen0001.jpg DanieKen0002.jpg DanieKen0004.jpg DanieKen0006.jpg DanieKen0008.jpg DanieKen0009.jpg DanieKen0012.jpg DanieKen0014.jpg DanieKen0015.jpg DanieKen0016.jpg DanieKen0017.jpg DanieKen0019.jpg DanieKen0020.jpg DanieKen0021.jpg DanieKen0022.jpg DanieKen0023.jpg DanieKen0024.jpg DanieKen0025.jpg DanieKen0026.jpg DanieKen0027.jpg DanieKen0028.jpg DanieKen0030.jpg DanieKen0031.jpg DanieKen0032.jpg DanieKen0033.jpg DanieKen0034.jpg DanieKen0035.jpg DanieKen0036.jpg DanieKen0037.jpg DanieKen0038.jpg DanieKen0039.jpg DanieKen0040.jpg DanieKen0042.jpg DanieKen0043.jpg DanieKen0044.jpg

I knew Lee & Rolake’s superfun engagement session in Kemah would be hard to top, but the incredible Nosa of Elegant Nuptials pulled off another amazing wedding and reception for them. It’s not often that I walk into a reception hall and my jaw drops but it happened this time. Also my cousin Tokini of LyzaDora Beauty was there for makeup and did an amazing job. I didn’t realize she was going to be there until it was a bit too late. We should have carpooled. LeeRolakeWed0001.jpg LeeRolakeWed0002.jpg LeeRolakeWed0003.jpg LeeRolakeWed0004.jpg LeeRolakeWed0006.jpg LeeRolakeWed0008.jpg LeeRolakeWed0009.jpg LeeRolakeWed0010.jpg LeeRolakeWed0012.jpg LeeRolakeWed0014.jpg LeeRolakeWed0016.jpg LeeRolakeWed0017.jpg LeeRolakeWed0018.jpg LeeRolakeWed0019.jpg LeeRolakeWed0020.jpg LeeRolakeWed0021.jpg LeeRolakeWed0022.jpg LeeRolakeWed0023.jpg LeeRolakeWed0025.jpg LeeRolakeWed0026.jpg LeeRolakeWed0027.jpg LeeRolakeWed0029.jpg LeeRolakeWed0030.jpg LeeRolakeWed0031.jpg LeeRolakeWed0032.jpg LeeRolakeWed0033.jpg LeeRolakeWed0034.jpg LeeRolakeWed0035.jpg LeeRolakeWed0036.jpg LeeRolakeWed0038.jpg LeeRolakeWed0039.jpg LeeRolakeWed0040.jpg LeeRolakeWed0041.jpg LeeRolakeWed0043.jpg LeeRolakeWed0044.jpg LeeRolakeWed0046.jpg LeeRolakeWed0047.jpg LeeRolakeWed0048.jpg LeeRolakeWed0050.jpg LeeRolakeWed0051.jpg LeeRolakeWed0052.jpg LeeRolakeWed0053.jpg LeeRolakeWed0054.jpg LeeRolakeWed0055.jpg LeeRolakeWed0057.jpg LeeRolakeWed0058.jpg LeeRolakeWed0059.jpg LeeRolakeWed0060.jpg LeeRolakeWed0061.jpg LeeRolakeWed0062.jpg LeeRolakeWed0063.jpg LeeRolakeWed0064.jpg LeeRolakeWed0065.jpg LeeRolakeWed0067.jpg LeeRolakeWed0068.jpg LeeRolakeWed0070.jpg LeeRolakeWed0071.jpg LeeRolakeWed0072.jpg LeeRolakeWed0073.jpg LeeRolakeWed0074.jpg LeeRolakeWed0075.jpg LeeRolakeWed0076.jpg

It’s definitely baby season! A couple of days after I shot Yinka & Sola’s baby in Dallas, TJ called me on Monday morning to tell me Adanne was in labor. I had offered to take pictures earlier and he said I should come on! I got there and Anissa Lacy was about 15 minutes old – aside from my daughter, she is by far the youngest baby I’ve ever photographed. She was posing already, as you can see.
ALacey0002.jpg ALacey0003.jpg ALacey0004.jpg ALacey0006.jpgALacey0007.jpg ALacey0005.jpg

I turned around right before I left and I saw this scene: Mom trying to nap, having just finished making a person, and dad marveling at his new lady, and grandma texting all her friends the news proudly. Cute.

I’ve just had a prospective client ask to see 5 of my favorite images. I generally post some of my favorite work on the front page slideshow or on this blog, so if I were to pick out 5, they would be images he’s already seen – so I decided to go with 5 of my favorite images from my last wedding. I think I’l narrate them a bit, and also I might do this on a regular basis. It’s a pretty interesting idea.
It’s always an interesting challenge to creatively shoot the bride’s dress and shoes – there are so many parameters and so much going on during the getting ready – there’s makeup flying around, bridesmaids and maids of honor getting things done and of course the bride. It’s always fun to find a nice quiet moment to shoot the details. This was shot outside the bride’s hotel room, while I was waiting for her to get halfway into the dress. On the right, sometimes a great image (in my opinion) is not defined by how much is lighting the scene, but sometimes areas of dark as well. This was shot by lovely, soft window light and a little kiss of light from inside the room.
I love images that hold emotion. It’s important to stay attuned to the events of the day as they unfold – in this image, the coordinator tries to help the bridesmaid (the groom’s sister) as she reads a poem written for the bride by the groom. It was beautiful. In the background, the makeup artist holds the emotional bride’s hand as she applies finishing touches.


It’s important that images tell a story. Each image is a building block of the story of the day. In this frame, the groom’s other sister waits for the right moment to present the bride with a little gift from Tiffany’s from the groom. It’s all about the anticipation. On the right, the couple is bathed with light from a single spotlight in the reception hall. It’s always lovely to see the connection between the couple. There’s nobody in the world but the two of them at that moment.